Uncapping Knife – beekeeper


Steel Uncapping knife
Serrated Edge
Blade length 28 cm
blade width 3.5cm
Overall length 40cm
Wooden handle.


Used to remove the wax capping’s from your frames before frame is spun in extractor.

This large uncapping knife features a stainless steel serrated blade measuring 28cm in length.

The blade has one side serrated with the other  a smooth edge.

This is a strong robust uncapping knife and is an important tool for any bee keeper.

Did you know there’s multitude of usage for your wax cappings?

Use it as an ingredient for: lip balm, moisturiser, lotion bar, wood treatment, envelope sealant, crayons and more!

TIP: Dip the uncapping knife into a pan of hot water in between cuts to make uncapping easy.

We also recommend using TWO uncapping knives so that you can switch blades as they cool off.

When the first uncapping knife is no longer cool, switch the cool knife with the heated knife that was kept in the hot water and easily uncap the frames of honey.


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