Bee Feeder


Bee Feeder – internal 3.5 liter

With a large capacity this black plastic frame feeder is perfect when your bees need a little helping hand with food.

It is designed to fit conveniently into the hive and is used to feed sugar syrup or other substitutes to the colony. To use, simply remove one of the frames from the edge of the hive and replace it with the feeder frame. In hive feeders such as this help to avoid loss of syrup from robber bees.

The feeder frame has a cage extended inside to help the bees to climb up and down to access the sugar water.

It is however still best practice to use flotation items (such as pieces of cork or paddle pop sticks) in the syrup so the bees do not drown.

Remember bees need a diverse diet to keep them healthy throughout the year. Canola, sugar syrup, pollen substitutes, pollen sausages and fondant can all be used in this style feeder frame.


Size: 48cm x 4.8cm x22cm




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