Rules and Regulations

Keeping Bees In Western Australia:
The Below information has been taken from:
If you want to become a beekeeper in Western Australia, you need to register with the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA).
You will be issued with a licence and brand identification which must be printed on all your beekeeping equipment. Your license will also entitle you to receive 3 Issues of BeeInformed . All fee assists in pest and disease surveillance, particularly for new pests and diseases such as the varroa mite.
Costs of registering:

  • Beekeeper’s licence:  $65 for three years
  • Annual Agricultural Produce Commission fee:  $15 + $1.10/hive.
***It’s important to note that each local government has rules and regulations in conjunction with keeping bees in residential areas. Please visit local government websites to find specific rules and regulation that apply to you.

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