DIY Beekeeping

Why Start Beekeeping?
There are many reasons to begin the hobby of beekeeping. These vary from pollination of crops to harvesting your own honey supplies. Looking after these fascinating and amazing little creatures can be helpful in relaxing from the stress of daily modern life.
Harvest your own honey
The most popular reason to begin beekeeping is to have the opportunity to harvest your own honey. As each season comes to an end the opportunity to extract your own honey, produced by your own bees, can be an exciting event. The quality of your own honey will exceed anything that you can purchase off the shelf at your local supermarket.
Grow your garden
Pollinating your garden, such as fruit crops and veggie gardens, is probably the second most common reason for keeping bees. By housing a colony of bees in your backyard you can dramatically increase the yields from your own fruit trees or veggie gardens. Bees aid in pollination between plants and they go from flower to flower.
Sustaining the environment
Many nations, worldwide, have declining bee numbers due to disease. Fortunately, Australia’s bee population has not been dramatically affected by disease. Helping to sustain our environment is another important reason to keep bees. Beekeeping will help address the worldwide decline in the Honey bee population. At least 40% of the fruit and vegetables we eat are pollinated by bees. Without bees and their hard work, many would crops struggle and some would disappear. It is vitally important that humans look after bees as the consequences of a decline in bee numbers can be viewed as catastrophic.
We hope that as you read through the provided information, you will begin to understand how important bees are in our environment and that it will inspire you to work with these incredible creatures.