Beginner’s Checklist


Bee Keeping Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Beekeeping for beginners can be confusing.  How to start beekeeping?

What do I need?

How much will it cost to start?

Below is a basic kit which has everything you need as a starter beekeeper.

Beehive Lid x1

Beehive Super x1

Brood Box x1

Wooden Frame x20

Beehive Base Board x1

Queen Excluder x1 (stainless steel)

Wax Foundation  or honeycomb base is a plate made of wax with the base of the honeycomb. It is used in beekeeping to give the bees a foundation on which they can build the honeycomb.

Frame Wire (Stainless Steel)  The purpose of wiring bee hive frames, is so that unwired foundation is supported for the drawing of flat, high quality, honeycomb. If this honeycomb is for collecting honey that is to be extracted in a centrifugal extractor, the wiring will also help the comb to resist forces that tend to burst or break honeycomb.

Bee Smoker

J Tool

Frame Grip

Ventilated 3 layer Bee Suit
Leather Gloves

All items available from our Shop located in Kwinana .